DECOPOLIS Tulsa Art Deco Museum, Gift Shop & Visitor Center

   Once upon a time there was a Tulsa artist who had a dream.  He wanted to create something wonderful and magical for the people of Tulsa.  One day he happened upon an idea, "Tulsa is known for its amazing Art Deco, why not create an Art Deco themed attraction?" He came up with a name for this dream, DECOPOLIS, which means "Deco City". 

  DECOPOLIS is currently located in the historic Philcade and Thomson buildings in Tulsa's Deco District.  The beautiful, Art Deco lobby of the Philcade, owned by the generous people of Price Family Properties, houses the museum component of DECOPOLIS.  Here, between marbled walls and nestled underneath a shimmering gold ceiling, you will find beautiful pieces of Art Deco on display.  The largest contributors to this collection are Debby Kelsey "Deco Debby" and the artist himself "William A Franklin" otherwise known as "The Wizard of DECOPOLIS"!   Numerous other Tulsa individuals and groups have also contributed to making the DECOPOLIS Tulsa Art Deco Museum a more wonderful experience for everyone.  

  Right across the street from the museum is DECOPOLIS itself, featuring two floors of magically themed areas.  In one area you will find many Tulsa related gifts, souvenirs, Tulsa interest books, and information about Downtown Tulsa and Tulsa area Route 66 attractions!