DECOPOLIS Tulsa Art Deco Museum, Gift Shop & Visitor Center

  The Tulsa Art Deco Museum is currently located in the historic Philcade and Thomson buildings in Tulsa's Deco District.  

Through the incredible generosity of Price Family Properties, we have been allowed to turn the beautiful lobby of the historic Philcade building into a small Art Deco Museum. Our goal is to showcase the incredible artistry of the Art Deco style and share its place within Tulsa’s rich history. The Philcade was once a small shopping center. Many of the ground floor spaces are now occupied with business offices. We have turned the unused window display areas into showcases for the museum. Though DECOPOLIS is the primary creator, coordinator and promotor, of the museum and its displays, we could not make this gift to Tulsa without the help of so many Tulsan’s who have also generously donated their time, expertise, Art Deco treasures, to the museum. A partial list includes; Price Family Properties, Debby Kelsey Art Deco Collection, TFA “Tulsa Foundation for Architecture” (Architectural Artifacts), Luke Hembree (Props & Display Construction), Blane Snodgrass (Art Deco Artifacts), Sigrid and Aaron Hinkle (Clothing & Fashion).

  Right across the street from the museum is DECOPOLIS itself, featuring two floors of magically themed areas.  Here you can find many Tulsa related gifts, souvenirs, Tulsa interest books, and information about Downtown Tulsa and area Route 66 attractions!